About CodeAlgo Academy

At CodeAlgo Academy, we believe every child is a genius!

Our Mission

Our mission is to normalize coding in elementary and middle school, so kids can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills before reaching high school. We strive to make learning to code a fun and engaging experience that sets our students up for a successful future.

At CodeAlgo Academy, we teach your kids how to code, and we mean real coding!

Technology built upon extensive research and development

An innovative coding platform that uses gamification artificial intelligence to teach children how to code.

Technology built upon extensive research and developmentTechnology built upon extensive research and development

Learning Problem-Solving Skills

  • Learn from coding mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth.
  • Use logic and critical thinking to analyze and solve problems.
  • Learn to break down larger coding problems into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Learn to work in groups through numerous projects
Learning Problem-Solving SkillsLearning Problem-Solving Skills

What Our Customers Are Saying

CodeAlgo came to our middle school and made a tremendous impact on our future computer scientists. They were knowledgeable about their field and exhibited an enthusiasm for what they do that proved to be contagious. After the visit, I noticed a lot of students, who were not that interested in Computer Science, started to take the class more seriously. They also provided valuable insight on what it takes to enter the field, fresh out of high school. Their learning platform is inclusive to students from all backgrounds, and the game format allows students to learn at their own pace without feeling like they are doing work.

Mikael Spears

Middle School Computer Science Teacher

As a parent, it is our responsibility to equip our children with the skills they need to succeed in the future. CodeAlgo provides an excellent platform for doing just that. The instructions were both easy to follow and challenging, making for an engaging learning experience. Watching my children proudly present the alarm system they built using the software was a joyous moment. I highly recommend CodeAlgo to other parents looking to give their children a competitive edge in today's world.

Shapree’ Marshall


He really enjoyed the freedom to build the obstacle course without hard time limits. I also enjoy the 4 top tables it allows for better social engagement for the kids. Great job. I wish his little brother could join. He is 6 years but he is very tech savvy with tablet and video game concepts.

Arlene Byrd


It exposed my son to some concepts he is very interested in. Honestly, it was a perfect environment to get him started.

Nick Poffinbarger


The teachers were great, Sedric and Triumfia are awesome teachers

Turner Collins


Great instruction, very well explained and instructors take the time to check in with kids that are falling behind and check their work



The instructors were very helpful. They were very prompt in answering any questions.

Solomon Maximillen


Getting started with CodeAlgo is easy